Blue Economy – Blue Tech

Michael Jones, President and Founder of The Maritime Alliance joins us for our first episode with insight on the huge opportunities in the Blue Economy.

The Maritime Alliance is the non-profit industry association for the largest BlueTech cluster in the United States.  Located in San Diego, California, we focus on business ecosystem development, economic development, and workforce development by bringing together academia, industry, and government.  We are a membership-based organization comprised of some of the world’s leading ocean and water technology companies who work together to promote collaboration, innovation, and an international Blue Voice.

In 2012, Michael Jones realized that nearly all of San Diego’s economic sectors were tied together by the city’s rich maritime resources. But the economic research to quantify the “Blue Economy” didn’t exist. Michael then created The Maritime Alliance, a non-profit organization meant to study innovation and educate port industries around the globe. Michael and TMA have partnered with 70 clusters in leading world ports to develop maritime innovation.  From ships to education, we discussed Michael’s insights on Blue Tech and its impact on our world’s Blue Economy.